There are two subjects that keep speaking to me: the body and childhood. Specifically, body awareness and children, the development of the sense of material self, the moments before that consciousness, and the occasional spells of disconnectedness from it.

For some time, I’ve been drawing and painting from vintage photographs of children, from the figure, and from small objects like rocks, leaves, and twigs.  I typically begin by aiming toward a faithful reproduction of the child or figure, or increasingly a part of the child or figure, in a drawing. Then I paint, hoping to create a new context, one that divorces the subject from nostalgic or sentimental constructs and, instead, through the use of space, texture and color, references more adult existential longings.

I always work in mixed media. Charcoal, acrylics, and collage are fragmented and combined in a dialogue between the figurative and the abstract that, I hope, finds resonance in wordless regions of consciousness.